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Judge John Roach, Jr. is a man of integrity and is one of the hardest working judges in Collin County.  With judicial experience unmatched by any other district judge candidate, Judge Roach has a demonstrated record of being both innovative and fiscally responsible.  He has the highest of ethics, he treats all who enter his court fairly, and he works tirelessly to serve the citizens of Collin County.

As a practicing family law attorney and child advocate, I have had the privilege of appearing before Judge Roach dozens of times over the past three years.  I have found that, first and foremost, Judge Roach is focused on protecting children.  A fair arbiter of justice, Judge Roach cares deeply about the children involved in both child custody and CPS cases.  Day in and day out, he consistently strives to do what is best for the children whose families are going through a difficult time. 

Judge Roach expects excellence from himself and from all attorneys who appear before him.  The citizens of Collin County deserve no less.  Quite simply, Judge Roach is the best candidate to serve as the judge of the 296th Judicial District Court. Please join me in voting for Judge John Roach, Jr., a proven judge and a proven conservative. 



M. Lee Bean

Allen, TX

Since taking the bench, I have personally observed Judge Roach Jr. to be extremely dedicated to the constituents of Collin County that he serves. Judge Roach Jr. is passionate about his job, is available and flexible to meet the needs of lawyers and individuals who request his service, and Judge Roach Jr. brings respect and decorum to the bench.

Although I have personal testimonies to share where Judge Roach Jr. has shown wisdom and discernment in his rulings, it is his passion and heart for the children of divorcing parents that stand out to me (a family law attorney) as his greatest asset. Judge Roach has the experience and expertise to serve the people of Collin County for years to come - he has a proven track record of working diligently alongside the bar - and Judge Roach Jr. should be judged for that which he controls...the 296th Court in Collin County. To focus on anything else would truly be an injustice. Judge Roach Jr. has been a valuable asset to Collin County, and for this reason, Judge John Roach Jr. deserves your support.

Jeff Domen, Attorney


Some of you may remember that I ran against John Roach, Jr., when he first sought election to the 296th Judicial District Court. He won--I lost. In the beginning, I did not want to like him as a judge. I wanted validation that I would have made the better judge. I soon learned, however, that John Roach, Jr., brought a "style" to the bench that was his own. Judge Roach is a serious and thoughtful judge who shows a great deal of concern for the well-being of children. I have not always agreed with his rulings--he has ruled against my client on numerous occasions. However, I have never felt he did so for any reason other than an honest desire to do what is best for the children who are served by his court. To a long-time family lawyer who handles many, many high conflict custody cases, I know how important it is to those children that we have judges who are as thoughful in their decisions and their consideration of the evidence as John Roach, Jr., has been. Just as I campaigned 4 years ago that John Roach, Jr., should not be elected because of his father, I now urge the voters of Collin County to judge the son on his own record and not that of his father when deciding how to vote in the upcoming election. I have developed a great deal of respect for John Roach, Jr., as a judge over these last 4 years and I have appeared before him on many occasions--in some very difficult situations. I encourage all voters to make a decision based on the record of the individual. We need good judges in Collin County and Judge Roach is one of them already.

Sharon Easley, Easley & Marquis