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This section contains excerpts from unsolicited letters or written comments received by Judge Roach from Collin County citizens who served in Judge Roach's court. It provides a glimpse into the courtroom for those voters who do not have the opportunity to see Judge Roach in action. 

"Dear Judge Roach,
I was recently called for jury service for the first time. On that first visit to the beautiful new courthouse, I was part of a jury pool in your courtroom. Please forgive me if you should be addressed by a formal title other than Judge Roach. 
I was dreading this hideous task. I had heard many stories about how boring and awful it would be. But I had a wonderful experience. It was very exciting to be part of the judicial process. I really enoyed watching and learning. What I appreciated most was watching you handle the unrelated cases. You had to hear two other cases while we were waiting for jury seletion to begin. I was impressed with your logic and fairness. I was particularly moved in how you demonstrated compassion and care towards one party and still remained unbiased and consistent in your rulings. In my brief exposure to your world you demonstrated exactly what a judge should be. 
Thank you for your service as a Judge in our County. Your time, experience and character are appreicated in this role." 
Jean Williams, Wylie, Texas
"I was really impressed by the Judge, it appears that there is a heavy workload and he does not appear to waste any part of the day. It did not appear there was any bias in the case and he appeared very neutral." 
                              Marsha P.
Speaking of Judge Roach, "Man of the court, enforced the law of the court to each attorney." 
"Judge Roach kept the attorneys focused and did not let them bog down. He seemed to really care about not wasting the jury's time." 
                              Rodney S.
Speaking of Judge Roach, "Humble, polite, considerate and professional, knowledgable." Patricia Q. "Judge Roach is very qualified and experienced." 
                              Shital P.

"[Judge Roach] had a very professional, no nonsense command of the court proceedings." 
                              Richard B.
Speaking of Judge Roach, "I was extremely impressed. You always knew who was in charge of the case yet Judge Roach was always calm. I especially appreicated when he came and spoke to us after the trial." 
                              Michael M.
[Judge Roach] did a great job and was very fair. He treated the jurors with respect and was cognizant of our schedules and sacrifice to be there." 
                              Beth C.
"[Judge Roach] was "human" he cared about his court and respected everyone." 
                               Karen C.
"[Judge Roach] makes the experience nice. Treated jurors very respectful and kind. I am glad he showed up at the jury room after the verdict and explain judicial system to us." 
                              Ting Y.
Speaking of Judge Roach, "Excellent - required that attrorneys and jurors acted with respect to the court." 
                              Gerald M.
Speaking of Judge Roach, "Great. He was very stern and professional with the attorneys, yet very courteous and friendly to the jury. I really appreciated that he took the time to talk to the jury after the case was over." 
                              Arthur S.
Speaking of Judge Roach, "Very knowledgable and in control of the courtroom at all times - very business like but able to maintain a "human side" as well - I enjoyed him." 
                                Doug G.

"Awesome - I was so impressed with Judge Roach." 
                                 Doris S.
"Judge Roach was 'outstanding'." 
                                 Dan C.
"Fair, right to the point, very good in detailed explanation, easy to follow, well spoken." 
                                 Cindy G.